Introduction Process

Your relationship with Johnson Legacy Wealth Management of Raymond James Ltd in Kelowna, gives you the opportunity to introduce us to your friends and family so they may also take advantage of the same services from which you benefit.

However, we cannot be all things to all people so any prospective client will go through a fit process to ensure we can work together in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. In other words, a prospective client needs to determine if we can meet their needs and we need to determine if they are well-suited for our style of Wealth Management.

Steps to follow:

  1. When you are talking to someone you feel may need our services, feel free to share with them what you like about our approach to Wealth Management.
  2. If they express an interest, ask if they would like to receive additional information about our services and direct them to our website.
  3. With their approval, call us with their contact information.
  4. We will contact them to arrange a meeting.

Regardless of the outcome of our first meeting, anyone you introduce will receive the same respectful and professional treatment that you enjoy. If we determine there is not a good fit, we still want the first meeting to be of value to them, and we will make suggestions on where and how they can get what they need.

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Louise Hay